Friday, October 16, 2015

Day 257: Drawing a Super-Secret Spy Girl with Beth Ain and Anne Keenan Higgins

Beth Ain's bio, in her own words:

My lists start out in grocery-form but turn into something else all of the sudden--as in “get lettuce and milk and also don’t forget to write a new chapter to replace the chapter you thought was really great but is really kind of not great. It’s kind of like lettuce and it needs to be more like a smoothie.” This is what my lists look like.

I wish my lists were more like Jules-lists and less like mom-lists. I think commercial auditions and worm swimming pools are more fun than dry cleaning and carpools. (Except sometimes when I drive carpool, we blast some Blondie and rock the ride and maybe have a snack and then carpool becomes a little bit awesome.)

I am not very good at acting, but I love theater and movies and tv and all things drama. (I do sometimes try to do Elinor’s lovely British accent when nobody’s listening, but I’m terrible at it. I make myself feel better by doing a pretty decent Skippyjon Jones accent when reading aloud to my kids.)

People have asked if I am a scrambled eggs and chocolate-milk type person or a tall-icy-drink-type person and here’s my little secret: My own two kids, who bear strong resemblance to Jules and Big Henry will tell you I am a tall-icy-drink type person and that I am not afraid of anything. This is part of an act I put on for them.

One day, when I am no longer responsible for putting them to bed, 
I will tell them that I am actually a scrambled eggs and chocolate milk 
type person, and they are the tall, icy drink people.

Born and raised in Michigan, Anne Keenan Higgins graduated from the University of Michigan Art School in Ann Arbor. She began her career as an art director working for various advertising agencies in and around Detroit. Anne then made the move to California and worked for Papyrus corporate.

After developing her own diverse and whimsical style, Anne ventured out on her own and began licensing her artwork. Her designs can be found on best-selling products in the gift and stationery industry as well as in editorial and book publishing.

Remember to visit Beth and Anne's websites!

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