Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wednesday Muse: The Land of Fairies

Photo Credit: Glen Johnson

"Accross the land, beyond the sea
the Land of Fairies awaits for me."

Andrea always knew this day would come -she simply never imagined it would arrive so soon. Having postponed this inevitable journey for so long, it was only natural to assume that she’d eventually choose to cancel it. And she would have probably done it, hadn’t life stripped her out of all her presumptive essentials (much too early) and kicked her into the real world.
The house was never really hers. It was Mr. Damborio’s. So she did what she had to do: packed some clothes and a couple of sandwiches in her red backpack, hanged the ”Gone to Fairyland” sign on the doorknob, and kissed Don Genesio goodbye. That was the hardest part.
As she walked to the train station she could still feel his sardine breath lingering on her cheeks. But how could she take him with her, without knowing if she’d manage to find any suitable food that could possibly satisfy his gourmet appetite?

The trip was too long. Over fifteen hours of boredom and uncertainties. She had to leave her own country and cross three foreign states to reach the city of Curitiba. The moment of truth had almost come. One bus and forty minutes separated her from Pitangueira Park.

When the ride was over, she jumped out of the bus and stood at the wild Mata Atlantica blooming before her, greeting her with a profusion of trees and plants of all sorts and kinds. The air was cool and the sun warmed up the glittery path of round pebbles that stretched like a mosaic at the entrance, leading to her final destination. It smelled like jasmines, frankincense and Fairies. It felt just like home.
Andrea took her mama’s picture from her pocket and kissed her cheek one last time before crossing the bamboo bridge that separated Terrosa from the Land of Fairies.


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