Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday Muse: Don Chiche’s trip

Photo Credit: Ryan McGuire

Don Chiche’s trip

“Are we there yet? Don Chiche is hungry! He needs to eat a quindim at the Fenadoce!” said Nenena, hugging her polar bear plushie as hard as her little arms allowed, her big brown eyes glaring at her parents from the backseat of the Fusca. Her older brother Nico, sitting right beside her, shook his head and rolled his eyes.
“We’re almost there, Nenena. Tell Don Chiche he’ll have to wait just a few more miles,” said dad.
Nenena approached her mouth to the bear’s fluffy ear and reported the news. Immediately afterwards, she plugged the bear’s pink smile to her own ear and listened.
“Don Chiche asks if we can take a photo with Betty the Ant.”
Nico snorted.
“Sure, dulzurita. The three of you can take all the pictures you want,” said mom.
Nenena placed Don Chiche on her lap and straightened up his bow tie. It would be so much fun to meet Betty the Ant, Fenadoce’s mascot, thought Nenena. Maybe they could all go on a picnic together after watching Betty’s music show.
“Are there caramels and bonbons there too? Don Chiche wants to know if the Fenadoce is really trully the biggest of all candy fairs in the universe.”
“That’s true, princesa. There’s all that and much more: chocolates, toffees, cupcakes, and all kinds of sweets you can imagine!” said mom.
Nenena and Don Chiche exchanged a sparkling glance.They began bouncing and swirling, celebrating in advance the fantastic fiesta of music and play that awaited them, complete with singing ants and cotton candy trees… until the moment she accidentally stepped on Nico’s foot. And that was it. It was Tug Of War time, and Don Chiche was right in the middle of the vendetta.

Nico pulled.
Nenena kicked.
Nico cursed.
Nenena bit.

And out went Don Chiche, flying through the window, landing right in the middle of route 35.
 “Don Peche!” cried Nenena, standing up on her seat, banging the Fusca’s back window with her tiny fists, as her eyes filled with tears.
Dad stopped the car, jumped onto the road and ran to save him. But -alas- he didn’t get to poor Don Chiche on time. The whole family watched as his red bow disappeared under the massive wheels.
They all held their breaths, while the gigantic beast passed by on torturing slow motion. Nenena’s heart hurt so, she thought it would break. And it almost did. Almost.
Once the monstrous truck disappeared down the road, there emerged Don Chiche, alive and well, his smiling face gleaming at them all.
Dad carried Don Chiche on his shoulders, bringing him back to the car, where he was greeted by all with a feast of hugs and kisses, like a victorious soldier returning from war.

Don Chiche spend the whole weekend in Pelotas like a king, treated with all the respect and honors that corresponded to someone in his position. He got to savor as many quindins and sweets as his furry heart desired, took a hundred pictures with Betty the Ant and experienced all the joys a bear can live with his loving family.

Wednesday Muse!

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