Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day 87: Drawing a puffin with Thomas Docherty

Check Thomas Docherty’s How to draw… a puffin.

When he was at school, Thomas never imagined he would end up writing stories. His spelling was terrible (his words, not mine!) and he found reading really difficult, because he's dyslexic. Luckily his mum and dad read to him and took him to the library where he spent hour looking at picture books. He had always liked drawing and so he began keeping a sketchbook diary, especially if he travelled anywhere new and it was these diaries that inspired his first picture books. Now whenever possible, he likes going along to schools and libraries to talk to children about his work and help them draw their own stories.

His books have been selected for many awards, including the prestigious Kate Greenway Medal. He lives in Swansea with his wife Helen and their two daughters. Helen is also an author and together they created the award winning picture book The Snatchbook

Remember to visit Thomas's and Helen's websites!  

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